2019 Charity!

Shriner's Children's Hospital

On December 14th we were able to hold a fund raiser and raise $11,700 for the Shriner's Children's Hospital! We made a donation the next day at the Shiners Temple in Phoenix.  Got to spend some time with the kids at their Christmas party!

Region 7 Trophy!

Region 7 Participation Trophy!

This past weekend at the Region 7 Party, The Rolling Dead Chapter of the Iron Order picked up a cool trophy made up by the NOMADS of the Region. It recognized the Chapter with the most participation in the area events! We get to hold on to this till next year!

New Prospects!

Prospect Brian and Prospect Nick

On Sept 15th 2019, The Rolling Dead Chapter of the Iron Order MC offered Hang Around Brian the opportunity to prospect for our great nation. Hang Around Nick soon followed on November 3rd 2019. They begin the long journey hoping to earn their place with the Iron Order. Good luck Prospects!

Welcome Brother!

Formerly known as Prospect Taco or Tony...

On June 19th 2019, The Rolling Dead Chapter of the Iron Order MC welcomed Prospect Tony into the brotherhood! Proud to have Brother Beatz now in our fold. Good times ahead brother!

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